Other British Tokens from the Collection formed by the late Edward Watkin

Date of Auction: 21st September 2016

Sold for £460

Estimate: £100 - £150

19th Century Tokens, CHESHIRE, Nantwich, Old Bank, Shillings, 1811 (2), 3.91g/12h, 3.82g/12h (both D 1), Stockport, Thomas Cartwright, George and Ralph Ferns, Shilling, 1812, 4.36g/6h (D 4), Sixpence, 1812, 1.96g/6h (D 8); LANCASHIRE, Liverpool, Thomas Wilson, Shilling, 1812, 4.44g/6h (D 2); NORTHUMBERLAND, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, John Robertson, Shilling, 1811, 4.49g/6h (D 11); YORKSHIRE, York, Robert Cattle and James Barber, Shilling, 1811, 3.97g/12h (D 77); together with 19th century copper tokens of Co Durham (2), Yorkshire (14) [23]. Silver tokens fine and better, some toned, others in varied state £100-150