British Historical Medals from the Collection of Derek Platts

Date of Auction: 21st September 2016

Sold for £380

Estimate: £180 - £220

Birth of George, Prince of Wales, 1762, a copper medal by T. Pingo, 40mm (Eimer 26; BHM 77; E 699); Marriage of Prince of Wales and Caroline of Brunswick, 1795, a copper medal by C.H. Küchler, incorrect date, 48mm (BHM 392; E 865; Pollard 9); Prince of Wales Appointed Regent, 1811, a copper medal, unsigned, 38mm (BHM 709); England Gives Peace to the World, 1814, a copper medal by G. Mills and E. Dubois, 41mm (BHM 776; E 1047); Treaties of Paris, 1814-15, a copper medal by G. Mills and N.G.A. Brenet, 41mm (BHM 892; E 1080) [5]. Very fine and better £180-220