The Collection of Militaria to Welsh Regiments formed by the Late Llewellyn Lord

Date of Auction: 27th September 2016

Sold for £100

Estimate: £150 - £250

24th (2nd Royal Warwickshire Regiment) a Watercolour by Richard Simkin, the picture depicts a band corporal, a drummer and a bandsman c. 1845, the corporal is shown wearing a white coatee with green facings and worsted epaulettes, he wears the 1829 pattern shako complete with the 1839 pattern shako plate, he carries a wind instrument in his right hand and is equipped with what is seemingly an officer’s 1822 pattern sword; the bandsman is wearing a white shell jacket with green facings and round undress forage cap; the drummer is wearing a scarlet coatee complete with regimental lace decoration, 1829 pattern shako and is carrying his drum, he is also equipped with a short sword, signed ‘R.SIMKIN’, 12 x 16.5 cms and contained within a white card mount, very good condition £150-250