The Collection of Militaria to Welsh Regiments formed by the Late Llewellyn Lord

Date of Auction: 27th September 2016

Sold for £160

Estimate: £200 - £300

Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Insignia, comprising an officer’s rectangular waist belt clasp in silver plate with gilt mounts being the dragon over MYC lacking outer D section; an officer’s harness ornament in die cast brass of oval outline, the strap inscribed ‘Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry’ and enclosing the dragon upon a torse, two screw post fasteners; an other ranks two part white metal helmet plate being an eight pointed star with oval mount displaying the dragon within a strap ‘Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry’, original screw posts missing, two have been replaced with crude incorrect screw posts, good condition (3) £200-300