A Collection of Medals to the West Yorkshire (14th Foot) and Yorkshire (19th Foot) Regiments

Date of Auction: 8th December 2016

Sold for £260

Estimate: £260 - £300

Three: Private T. Leddington, 14th Foot

Crimea 1854-56, 1 clasp, Sebastopol (T. ...dington No 3752 14th Regt) regimentally impressed naming; Army L.S. & G.C., V.R., 3rd issue, small letter reverse (3752 Pte - T. Leddington 1st Bn. 14th Foot); Turkish Crimea 1855, Sardinian issue (3752 T. Leddington. 1. B. 14. Foot) engraved naming, plugged with eyelet and ring suspension, edge bruising, nearly very fine (3) £260-300


Thomas Leddington was born in Tring, Hertfordshire, and attested for the 14th Foot at Windsor, in November 1854 (awarded L.S. & G.C. 1 March 1873). He was discharged 1 February 1876, having served 21 years and 66 days with the Colours.