A Collection of Medals to the West Yorkshire (14th Foot) and Yorkshire (19th Foot) Regiments

Date of Auction: 8th December 2016

Sold for £320

Estimate: £200 - £240

Pair: Captain D. Swainston-Strangwayes, West Yorkshire Regiment

Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 1 clasp, Cape Colony (Capt. D. A. E. Swainston-Strangwayes, W. York: R.); King’s South Africa 1901-02, 2 clasps (Cpt. D. A. E. Swainston-Strangwayes. W. York. R.) darkly toned, good very fine (2) £200-240


D’Arcy Edward Swainston-Strangwayes was born in Skelton, Yorkshire, in 1870, and served as a Captain in the 4th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment during the Second Boer War. He died in 1920.