British Historical Medals from the Collection of Michael Longfield

Date of Auction: 12th December 2016

Sold for £280

Estimate: £100 - £120

Death of William Pitt, 1806, a copper medal by T. Webb, 53mm (BHM 610; E 975); Sir Benjamin Brodie, 1841, a copper medal by W. Wyon, 73mm (BHM 2003; E 1359); Sir Francis Chantrey, 1846, a copper medal by W. Wyon for the Art Union of London, 55mm (BHM 2227; E 1381); Visit of Garibaldi to England, 1864, a copper medal by J. Moore, 42mm (BHM 2798; E 1570); Whitworth Scholarships, 1868, a bronze award medal by E.J. Poynter and A. Wyon, edge named (Measham Lee, 1890), 57mm (BHM 2899; E 1599) [5]. Extremely fine £100-120