British Tokens from the Collection formed by the late Jeffrey Gardiner

Date of Auction: 14th June 2017

Sold for £280

Estimate: £150 - £200

18th Century Tokens, BRITISH TOKENS, 18th Century Tokens, DEVON, Exeter, Samuel Kingdon, Halfpenny, 1792, 12.37g/6h (DH 2); LONDON, Strand, Jasper and Simon Kelly, Halfpenny, 9.08g/6h (DH 345); Lutwyche’s Prince of Wales Halfpenny, 8.96g/6h (DH 961), Princess of Wales Halfpenny, 1795, 9.90g/6h (DH 981d); Skidmore’s Churches, Halfpenny, Lombard Street, St Mary Woolnorth, coventry edge, 13.62g/4h (DH 601); Spence’s mule Halfpenny, pig, rev. legend, 8.41g/6h (DH 842b); George III, Restored to Health, 1789, a white metal medal by C. James, 33mm, 10.52g/12h (DH 185; BHM 302); SOMERSET, Bath, John Jelly, Halfpence, 1794 (2), 8.73g/6h, 8.68g/6h (both DH 26); SUFFOLK, Haverhill, John Fincham, Halfpenny, 1794, 9.89g/6h (DH 31), Hoxne and Hartsmere, Thomas Tallant, Halfpenny, 1795, 11.89g/6h (DH 33a); YORKSHIRE, Bedale, James Metcalf, Skidmore’s Halfpenny, 1792, 10.18g/6h (DH 9c) [12]. DH 185 about very fine, others very fine and better, mostly with original colour, DH 601 with light scratches on obverse but very rare £150-200


Provenance: DH 601 bt 2005