British Tokens from the Collection formed by the late Jeffrey Gardiner

Date of Auction: 14th June 2017

Sold for £280

Estimate: £100 - £150

18th Century Tokens, BRITISH TOKENS, 18th Century Tokens, LONDON, Blackfriars, issuer uncertain, Halfpenny, 9.77g/12h (DH 257a); Chandos Street, William Allen, Halfpenny, 1795, 9.07g/6h (DH 246); Chiswell Street, Robert Heslop, Halfpenny, 8.32g/5h (DH 336b); City Road, Thomas Hall, Halfpence, 1795 (2), 9.28g/6h (DH 315c), 9.18g/12h (DH 317); Finsbury Square, Lackington, Allen & Co, Halfpenny, 1795, 8.90g/6h (DH 358a); Newgate, Daniel Eaton, Halfpenny, 1795, 9.08g/6h (DH 301), Henry Symonds, William Winterbotham, James Ridgway and Daniel Holt, Kempson’s Halfpenny, 1795, 10.50g/6h (DH 396b); Russell Court, Sim, Halfpenny, 9.66g/5h (DH 478a); Strand, William Forster, Halfpenny, 1795, 14.49g/6h (DH 302); Mail Coach series, Halfpenny with initials afh, 8.61g/12h (DH 366) [11]. Very fine and better, some with original colour £100-150


Provenance: DH 257a, 301, 358a, 366 and 478a bt S. Allen 1976