British Tokens from the Collection formed by the late Jeffrey Gardiner

Date of Auction: 14th June 2017

Sold for £360

Estimate: £100 - £150

18th Century Tokens, BRITISH TOKENS, 18th Century Tokens, WARWICKSHIRE, Coventry, Kempson’s Buildings, Halfpence (7), Bablake Hospital, 12.89g/6h (DH 282a); Barracks, 13.88g/6h (DH 284); County Hall, 12.70g/6h (DH 288); Coventry Cross, 13.16g/6h (DH 286); Drapers’ Hall, 13.59g/12h (DH 291); Free School, 13.06g/6h (DH 297a); St Mary Hall, 13.34g/6h (DH 295) [7]. About extremely fine and better, DH 284 with considerable original colour £100-150


Provenance: DH 282a, 286, 295 and 297a bt S.E. Schwer; others bt Seaby 1971