British Tokens from the Collection formed by the late Jeffrey Gardiner

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Date of Auction: 12th June 2018

Sold for £650

Estimate: £100 - £200

BERKSHIRE, Reading, butler reading on obv. of George III Penny, 1797 (Scott –); BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, Aylesbury, payne cutler aylesbury on obv. of George III Penny, 1797 (Scott 3.1); CAMBRIDGESHIRE/NORFOLK, Croxton, i. hart croxton 1808 on obv. of George III Penny, 1797 (Scott –); LANCASHIRE, Liverpool, m. toole l. pool on rev. of George III Penny, 1797 (Scott –); YORKSHIRE, Leyburn, c · scott leyburn in rectangle around christopher scott around a flower, all on obv. of George III Penny, 1797, also countermarked bristol twice (Scott –); another George III Penny, 1797, one side planed flat and engraved with a Victoria Cross, the other side with a couple in an embrace (?); together with other countermarked and engraved coins of the World, in silver (3, of Costa Rica), copper (123, including Portuguese) [132]. Fourth very fine, others in varied state, the fifth unusual and the Victoria Cross side of good workmanship £100-200