A Fine Collection of Medals Relating to Rhodesia and South Africa

Date of Auction: 10th May 2017

Sold for £650

Estimate: £600 - £700

British South Africa Company Medal 1890-97, reverse Matabeleland 1893, 1 clasp, Rhodesia 1896 (Trpr. R. W. Browne. Salisbury Horse.) suspension slack, otherwise nearly very fine £600-700


W. R. Wylde-Browne was the son of Captain R. Wylde-Browne, R.N. He attested for the British South Africa Company's Police on 31 March 1890, served in ‘D’ Troop with the Pioneer Column, and was discharged on 20 January 1891. The Pioneer policeman seems to have been known officially as Browne (III) rather than Wylde-Browne. He served as a trooper in the Salisbury Horse in the Matabelele War of 1893, and as a trooper in the Matabeleland Relief Force in Rhodesia in 1896. He eventually settled in Canada and, although entitled, he never claimed his Mashonaland 1890 medal.