A Fine Collection of Britannia Groats, the property of a Lady

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Date of Auction: 14th June 2017

Sold for £8,500

Estimate: £4,000 - £5,000

Victoria (1837-1901), BRITISH COINS, Victoria (1837-1901), 1837 Proof, edge grained, 1.96g/6h (ESC 3318 and p.631, this coin; S 3913). About extremely fine, excessively rare; in all probability the finest specimen available to commerce £4,000-5,000


Provenance: A Collection of Britannia Groats, DNW Auction 43, 9 October 1999, lot 858.

This coin and that in the next lot are survivors from a very small extant mintage, estimated to be no more than 6 or 7 pieces. This is almost certainly the only occasion when two specimens of this great rarity have appeared in the same auction