An Important Archive Relating to Field Marshall Sir John French

Date of Auction: 14th December 2006

Sold for £780

Estimate: £300 - £400

Fine illuminated parchment address “To Field Marshal Viscount French of Ypres and High Lake, K.P., &c., Lord Lieutenant-General and General Governor of Ireland… We, the County Council of the County of Tyrone desire to accord Your Excellency a respectful and hearty welcome to our County. We welcome you… as an Irish soldier of great distinction. The deeds in the face of overwhelming odds of the first seven divisions which went to France in August, 1914, under Your Excellency’s command have been well recorded by a Tyrone man, and it will never be forgotten that it was by Your Excellency’s skilful and courageous handling of that small force… that the liberties of Europe were saved at a moment of extreme peril… Signed on behalf of the Tyrone County Council whereto their Seal has been affixed this seventh day of August, one thousand nine hundred and eighteen.” 28x38cm, attractive and appealing piece with the Viscount’s name and decorations picked out in red and green, the black ink address underlined in red and the whole bordered with a red keyline & bearing the embossed Seal of the Council, very good £300-400