A Group of Long Cross Pennies of the Mint of Bury St Edmunds

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Date of Auction: 14th March 2007

Sold for £110

Estimate: £80 - £100

Pennies (4), class IIIbc (2), Ion, ion on s’edmvnd, dies Aa, 1.41g/3h, ion on s’ednvnd, dies Bb, 1.40g/9h (Eaglen 268, B491; 269, B051, these coins; N 987/1; S 1363-4); class IIIc (2), Ion, ioh oh s’edmvnd, dies Aa, 1.28g/6h, ion on s’edmvnd, dies Bb, 1.47g/1h (Eaglen 270, B743; 271, B480, these coins; N 988; S 1364) [4]. Fine to very fine (£80-100)


First and fourth bt Baldwin April 1986
Second bt C.J. Martin October 1977
Third L.A. Lawrence Collection, Part IV, Glendining Auction, 28 November 1951, lot 1036 (part), G.V. Doubleday Collection, Glendining Auction, 8 June 1988, lot 1040 (part)