A Group of Long Cross Pennies of the Mint of Bury St Edmunds

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Date of Auction: 20th June 2007

Sold for £130

Estimate: £90 - £110

Pennies (4), class Va2, Ion, ion on seinted, dies Dd, 1.36g/9h (Eaglen 291, B704, this coin; N 991/2; S 1367); class Va3 (3), all Ion, ion on s’edmvnd, dies Aa, 1.42g/12h, dies Bb, 1.30g/9h, ion on · seined, dies Cc, 1.35g/12h (Eaglen 292, B663; 293, B186; 294, B196, these coins; N 991/1; S 1367) [4]. First fine, others very fine but last double-struck (£90-110)


Second bt Baldwin January 1988
Third bt Spink March 1982
Last bt C.J. Martin July 1972