British Tokens from the Collection of the late David Perry

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Date of Auction: 21st March 2016

Sold for £750

Estimate: £200 - £260

ESSEX, Colchester, Charles Heath, Halfpenny, 1794, 10.62g/6h (DH 10), Hornchurch, George Cotton, Halfpenny, 9.45g/6h (DH 33), Maldon, William Draper, Halfpenny, 11.91g/6h (DH 35); HERTFORDSHIRE, Bishops Stortford, Sir George Jackson, Halfpenny, 1795, 10.18g/6h (DH 4); NORFOLK, Norwich, Joseph Clarke, Halfpenny, 1794, 10.24g/6h (DH 22); SUFFOLK, Blything, Sir John Rous, Halfpenny, 1794, 11.19g/12h (DH 19), Bungay, Samuel Prentice, Halfpenny, 1796, 10.69g/6h (DH 24), Samuel Prentice, Samuel Delf and Mathias Abel Sr, Halfpenny, 1795, 8.86g/6h (DH 21a), Bury St Edmunds, Michael Apsey, Halfpenny, 10.82g/6h (DH 28), James Goer, Halfpenny, 11.77g/12h (DH 27), Woodbridge, Robert Loder, Penny, 1796, 20.03g/6h (DH 15); together with other 18th century tokens of Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk (24) [35]. Those described very fine and better, some with original colour, others fine and better £200-260


Provenance: Essex DH 10 and Suffolk DH 19 bt P. Minns October 1978; Essex DH 35, Suffolk DH 21a, 24, 26 and 28 bt D. Mawson March 1980; Norfolk DH 22 and Suffolk DH 15 bt A.J. Organ December 1978