Roman Coins from the Steve Clarke Collection

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Date of Auction: 13th September 2017

Sold for £160

Estimate: £200 - £260

Denarii (5), D. Silanus (2), both 91, head of Roma right, revs. Victory in biga right, 3.83g, 3.82g (Craw. 337/3; Iunia 15); L. Titurius Sabinus, 89, head of king Tatius right, rev. two soldiers casting shields onto Tarpeia, 3.24g (Craw. 344/2; Tituria 6); C. Marcius Censorinus, 88, jugate heads of Numa Pompilius and Ancus Marcius right, rev. desultory galloping right, 3.70g (Craw. 346/1; Marcia 18); Gargilius, Ogulnius, Vergilius, 86, head of Apollo right, rev. Jupiter in quadriga right, 3.95g (Craw. 350A/1; Gargilia 5) [5]. Fine to very fine £200-260