Roman Coins from the Steve Clarke Collection

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Date of Auction: 13th September 2017

Sold for £220

Estimate: £200 - £260

Denarii (6), Mn. Fonteius (2), both 85, head of Apollo (or Vejovis) right, revs. Genius (or Cupid) on goat right, 3.65g, 3.61g (Craw. 353/1a; Fonteia 9); C. Norbanus, 83, head of Venus right, rev. corn-ear, fasces and caduceus, 3.63g (Craw. 357/1b; Norbana 2); Q. Antonius Balbus (2), both 83-2, serrate, head of Jupiter right, revs. Victory in quadriga right, 4.19g, 3.62g (Craw. 364/1d; Antonia 1); L. Sulla and L. Manlius Torquatus, 82, head of Roma right, rev. Sulla in quadriga right, 3.90g (Craw. 367/5; Manlia 4) [6]. First two good fine, others generally about very fine £200-260