Roman Coins from the Steve Clarke Collection

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Date of Auction: 13th September 2017

Sold for £240

Estimate: £240 - £300

Denarii (5), C. Marius Capito, 81, serrate, head of Ceres right, rev. ploughman with yoke of oxen left, 3.78g (Craw. 378/1; Maria 9); L. Procilius, 80, head of Jupiter right, rev. Juno Sospita right, 4.06g (Craw. 379/1; Procilia 1); C. Poblicius, 80, serrate, head of Roma right, rev. Hercules strangling Nemean lion, club below, bow and quiver on left, 3.90g (Craw. 380/1; Poblicia 9); C. Nævius Balbus (2), both 79, serrate, head of Venus right, revs. Victory in triga right, 3.87g, 3.82g (Craw. 382/1; Nævia 6) [5]. About very fine and better £240-300