Roman Coins from the Steve Clarke Collection

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Date of Auction: 13th September 2017

Sold for £200

Estimate: £240 - £300

Denarii (8), Q. Fufius Kalenus and Mucius Cordus, 70, serrate, jugate heads of Honos and Virtus right, rev. Italia and Roma standing and clasping hands, 2.94g (Craw. 403/1; Fufia and Mucia 1); C. Memmius (2), both 56, head of Ceres right, rev. kneeling captive at base of trophy, 3.79g (Craw. 427/1; Memmia 10), head of Quirinus right, rev. Ceres seated right, 3.42g (Craw. 427/2; Memmia 9); Mn. Cordius Rufus, 46, owl on Corinthian helmet, rev. head of Medusa at centre of ægis, 3.50g (Craw. 463/2; Cordia 4); T. Carisius (2), both 46, head of the Sybil Herophile right, rev. sphinx seated right, 3.86g (Craw. 464/1; Carisia 11), head of Victory right, rev. Victory in quadriga right, 3.87g (Craw. 464/5; Carisia 3); Mark Antony (2), both 32-1, galley right, revs. aquila between two standards, leg vi, leg viii, 2.90g, 3.26g (Craw. 544/19, 544/21; RSC 33, 35) [8]. Varied state £240-300