A Collection of Awards to the Worcestershire Regiment formed by Group Captain J. E. Barker

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Date of Auction: 27th September 2017

Sold for £1,900

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,200

Pair: Captain J. A. Duncan, 29th Foot, late 31st Foot, who was severely wounded at the battle of Sobraon and died of cholera at Calcutta in August 1857
Cabul 1842 (J. Æ. Duncan, Lieut. Hr. Ms. 31st Regt.) contemporary engraved naming, fitted with replacement silver loop, gilt swivel-ring suspension bar and gilt ribbon buckle and brooch pin fitting; Sutlej 1845-46, for Sobraon 1846 (Lieut. John Æ. Duncan 29th Regt.) fitted with gilt ribbon buckle and brooch pin fitting, ‘Æ’ engraved correction on the second, otherwise extremely fine (2) £1000-1200


John Æneas Duncan purchased a commission as an Ensign in the 54th Foot on 7 August 1835, and was promoted to a Lieutenancy in the 31st Foot on 26 October 1893. He served with the 31st throughout the Afghanistan campaign of 1842, including the actions of Mazeenai, Tezeen, and Jugdulluck, occupation of Cabul, and different engagements leading to it (Medal). He transferred to the 29th Foot in August 1842, with regimental seniority of 8 April 1842. At the outbreak of the First Sikh War at the end of 1845, Duncan was away from the regiment ‘doing duty with invalids since 1 October 1845’ and so missed the opening actions of the campaign. He rejoined the regiment, however, in time to take part in the battle of Sobraon when he was severely wounded (Medal). Promoted to Captain on 30 July 1846, he returned to England and did duty with the Depot companies until October 1849, when he was appointed to the Grenadier company. The following month he was transferred to the Light Infantry company which he commanded until December 1853. On 24 June 1857 he embarked at Rangoon with a wing of the regiment for duty at Calcutta, where he died of cholera while on guard duty at the Mint, on 12 August 1857. In the monthly Army List obituary, he is erroneously returned as ‘killed in action’. Sold with full research.