A Collection of Awards for Burma Operations during the Second World War

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A Second War ‘Arakan operations’ M.M. group of five awarded to Sergeant A. Crozier, Special Observation Squadron, Royal Engineers, an explosives expert, who was attached to No. 5 Commando from March 1944 onwards

Military Medal, G.VI.R. (2196896 Sjt. A. Crozier. R.E.) rank officially corrected; 1939-45 Star; Burma Star; Defence and War Medals 1939-45, mounted for wear, very fine (5) £1400-1800


Provenance: Spink, December 2001.

M.M. London Gazette 8 February 1945:

‘In Arakan.

a) On 4th February [1944] when the situation was confused, by his calm and cheerful behaviour helped to restore confidence among stragglers and to form beginnings of a defence line East of the Admin Box, 7 Div.

b) On 8th February he, in company with other volunteers went out into what was at that time No Man’s Land and helped to bring into Admin Box heavy bridging and workshop lorries in full view of the enemy.

c) While during this he found two wounded Gurkha other ranks and was responsible for bringing them into safety and to medical attention into the Admin Box.

d) On 13th February after an enemy air raid had set fire to some 18 vehicles containing ammunition he in company with others helped to subdue the flames and remove vehicles threatened by fire.

e) During the whole period 4 - 27 February he was consistently cheerful and although it was the first time he had been under fire he set a magnificent example to all ranks and was of assistance in bringing in wounded to the Rear Aid Post for treatment under shellfire.

f) During the period 9 - 18 March he was attached to No. 5 Commando and again set a fine example in the Alethaungyaw area. On 14th March he placed his effects to such good purpose that he was able to draw off fire from the main attack and although he knew this was likely to be the case, in order to ensure that his effects went off, he lighted them by hand.

This man has since taken part in numerous successful patrols against enemy positions in connection with his work and although often carrying explosives has set a high example of initiative and courage.’

1 of 9 M.M.’s awarded to the Royal Engineers for services in the Burma theatre of operations.