A Collection of Historical and Art Medals

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Date of Auction: 26th June 1996

Sold for £100

Estimate: £100 - £150

Dated 1392. A bronze portrait medal of a man, bust left wearing mortier and tunic, Legend: Serristoro di Ser Iacopo de Priori MCCCXCII, reverse Pelican in nest feeding fledgeling in fruiting tree hung with arms (a Fess between three stars) suspended with ribands flowing in the wind, legend: Pauperis Christi and signature Opus Fabre Pictoris. 84mm. Extremely fine, very rare (£100-150)


This is a rather charming late 19th Century (1892?) pastiche of a late 15th Century Florentine medal. The reverse recalls two medals by Niccolo Fiorentino (Hill, Corpus Nos 978 and 1018). The indistinct signature is in the form employed and must consciously imitate that of Pisanello. This piece should repay further study