Medals relating to the Malaya and Korea Campaigns from the Philip Burman Collection

Date of Auction: 9th May 2018

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A 1957 ‘Malaya operations’ M.M. pair awarded to Lance Corporal Kubirdhaj Limbu, 2nd Battalion, 7th Gurkha Rifles, for his pursuit and capture of an armed ‘bandit’ through heavy undergrowth, on Nanyo Kluang estate, Kluang, Johore, 13 October 1957

Military Medal, E.II.R., 1st issue (21136000 A/L/Cpl. Kubirdhoj Limbu. 7th G.R.); General Service 1918-62, 1 clasp, Malaya, G.VI.R. (21136000 Rfn. Kubirdhoj Limbu 7 G R) edge bruising, generally nearly very fine or better (2)


M.M. London Gazette 20 December 1957, with the following corrected citation appearing in the London Gazette of 17 January 1958:

‘For bravery and devotion to duty, on the 13th October, 1957, in the face of fire from communist terrorists two of whom he killed and then pursued another through 800 yards of overgrown country and captured him alive.’

The recommendation states:

‘On 13 October 1957 the Assault Pioneer Platoon 2nd Bn 7th Gurkha Rifles were taking up an ambush position in overgrown rubber on Nanyo Kluang estate Kluang Johore (GR 175895). Suddenly three armed CTs approached the position and, seeing the sentry, opened fire and ran. The Platoon, with No. 21136000 LC pl Kubirdhoj Limbu in the van, immediately charged the enemy killed two. The third CT was still running away when LCpl Kubirdhoj Limbu shouted “I will capture him” and took up the pursuit. Although the CT fired at LCpl Kubirdhoj Limbu several times he did not return the fire for fear of killing the CT or losing distance. The chase lasted for about 800 yds through bushes and fern. Eventually the LCpl closed to within a few yards of the CT who stopped and attempted to load his weapon again. LCpl Kubirdhoj Limbu jumped at him knocked him to the ground and captured him alive.

The determination of this young Lance Corporal to close with the enemy in order to affect a valuable capture with entire disregard for his own personal safety, the dash and bravery with which he carried out his intention displayed initiative, leadership, intelligence and courage of a very high order in so young an NCO. Always a cheerful and energetic leader his conduct in this action has been an inspiration to the whole Battalion.’