Medals relating to the Malaya and Korea Campaigns from the Philip Burman Collection

Date of Auction: 9th May 2018

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Estimate: £300 - £400

A ‘Malaya operations’ B.E.M. pair awarded to Colour Sergeant Chattu Limbu, 2nd Battalion, 10th (Princess Mary’s Own) Gurkha Rifles, who was awarded a B.E.M. for services as C.Q.M.S. in Malaya between September 1952 and September 1955

British Empire Medal, (Military) E.II.R. (21142018 Col. Sgt. Chattu Limbu, 10 P.M.O.G.R.); General Service 1918-62, 1 clasp, Malaya, G.VI.R. (21142018 C/Sgt. Chattu Limbu. 10 G.R.) generally very fine (2) £300-400


B.E.M. London Gazette 8 May 1956:

‘In recognition of distinguished services in Malaya during the period 1st July to 31st December, 1955.’

The recommendation states:

‘Colour Sergeant Chattu Limbu has been the Company Quartermaster Sergeant of C Company 2nd Battalion 10th Princess Marys Own Gurkha Rifles since 1952. Since then the Company has been fully and continuously committed in operations against the Communist Terrorists, punctured by short periods of re-training. In this time the Company has moved six times over considerable distances, involving several types of transport and twice requiring the shipment of stores by sea. During this period Colour Sergeant Chattu Limbu has seen no less than seven changes of Company Commander.

Throughout this time Colour Sergeant Chattu Limbu has proved the mainstay of Company administration, and never at any time have the men concerned had cause to worry over their many and varied needs. His work has invariably been above reproach, the high standards he has achieved being due to sheer hard work and concentrated effort, not only during normal parade hours, but also during long working hours thereafter.

The high standard of administration achieved by this Colour Sergeant, his extraordinary seal and unflagging devotion has been achieved by continuous and sustained effort far and above the normal call of duty, and has directly resulted in the maintenance of the highest possible morale amongst all ranks in his Company.’