Irish Pennies of Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III from the Collection of O. Mac Conamhna

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Date of Auction: 12th June 2018


Estimate: £120 - £150

First Cross and Pellets coinage (c. 1465-7), Dublin, mm. not visible, bust A, no marks on obv., rev. nothing in centre, extra pellet in two quarters, 0.49g/3h (Burns Du-1H; Mac Conamhna, BNJ 2017, p.108, no. 1, this coin; S 6311). Mint signature legible, good fine £120-150


Preparation of the punches and dies for this coinage was reserved for the Tower mint under London mintmaster William Hastings, according to his patent of 13 August 1464. In keeping with the heavy coinage issues of the Tower mint the reverse dies sent to Ireland were punched with additional pellets on the reverse. Mac Conamhna, fig. 1, nos. 1 (this coin) and 2 illustrate a common bust punch, Burns A, here used for issues of both Dublin and Drogheda