Irish Pennies of Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III from the Collection of O. Mac Conamhna

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Date of Auction: 12th June 2018

Sold for £160

Estimate: £120 - £150

Second Cross and Pellets coinage (c. 1470-3), Drogheda, mm. not visible, pellets by crown, rev. quatrefoil in centre, no extra pellets, 0.49g/1h (Burns Dr-9B; Mac Conamhna, BNJ 2017, p.113, no. 8, this coin; S –). Small of flan, otherwise good fine, rare £120-150


Struck from a previously unobserved portrait punch given by Mac Conamhna to mintmaster Thomas Barby for the period October 1470 to December 1472. It has been noted that the crown punch progressively deteriorated and here it is seen at an earlier state (Mac Conamhna fig. 3, nos. 8 [this coin], 9 and 10) to observe the progression of deterioration. An experienced hand would have been required to replace the portrait punch and in light of Barby’s death at the turn of 1472/3 (new style) it seems the mint personnel struggled to undertake production of a new one