Irish Pennies of Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III from the Collection of O. Mac Conamhna

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Date of Auction: 12th June 2018


Estimate: £150 - £180

Third Cross and Pellets coinage, Dublin (3), mms. not visible, pellets by neck, revs. nothing in centre, no extra pellets, 0.49g/1h, 0.45g/4h, 0.40g/12h (Burns Du-5; Mac Conamhna, BNJ 2017, p.116, nos. 16 and 17, these coins; S 6364) [3]. Good fine or better, but two chipped £150-180


These punches, Burns D, H, and I, are given to the period July 1475-May 1477. By January 1476 Richard Heron had been replaced by Philip Brentwood as mintmaster, leading to a period in which the allocation of punches becomes a little less clear-cut. Noting the scarcity of Burns punch H (Mac Conamhna fig. 7, no. 16), Mac Conamhna speculates that it may belong to the last few months of Heron’s mastership, with fig. 7, nos. 17 and 18 following on under Brentwood’s subsequent tenure from January 1476