Irish Pennies of Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III from the Collection of O. Mac Conamhna

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Date of Auction: 12th June 2018

Sold for £190

Estimate: £150 - £200

Third Cross and Pellets coinage, Waterford, mm. rose, crosses by neck, rev. quatrefoil in centre, no extra pellets, 0.43g/9h (Burns W-19; S 6386). Ragged edge, otherwise good fine, very rare £150-200


Germyn Lynche was once again appointed to the mastership by c. May 1477. His punch, Mac Conamhna fig. 8, no. 19, covers the period up to September 1478. An interesting issue of the Dublin mint, Burns Du-30, combines Lynche’s punch with both saltires by the neck and mullets by the crown. Mac Conamhna rationalises this combination of privy marks by postulating that they were ‘...the very first set of dies that Lynch used on re-assuming the mastership in May 1477. Such a die would arise naturally if he modified the last set of dies (with mullets by crown) from his previous term of office by punching in the saltires by neck as a sign of his new tenure, before adopting the saltires as his privy mark for his 1477-8 term of office consistently thereafter’