Tickets and Passes of London from the David Young Collection

Date of Auction: 12th June 2018

Sold for £380

Estimate: £120 - £150

Exhibitions and Museums, CITY ROAD, Thomas Hall, copper Halfpence (5), 1795 (4), kangaroo, armadillo and rhinoceros, rev. to be had at the curiosity house, etc, 30mm, 9.65g/12h (DH Middlesex 314; D & W 74/208), deformed dwarf, sir jeffery dunstan, etc, revs. similar, edge grained, 30mm, 10.82g/6h (DH Middlesex 315; D & W 74/206), edge plain, 30mm, 9.31g/6h (DH Middlesex 315c; cf. D & W 74/206), woman standing, mrs newsham the white negress, rev. similar, edge plain, 30mm, 8.95g/12h (DH Middlesex 317; D & W 74/204); undated, large toucan left, to the curious observers, etc, rev. the 1st artist in europe, etc, edge payable in dublin or london, 28mm, 9.14g/6h (DH Middlesex 319a; D & W 74/210) [5]. DH 314 extremely fine with much original colour, DH 315c about very fine, others very fine and better £120-150


Provenance: *DH 314 bt S.H. Monks October 2007; DH 315 bt W. McKivor June 2005; DH 315c bt Format January 2003; DH 317 bt W.McKivor January 2006; DH 319a bt S.H. Monks October 2005.

Thomas Hall (1758-1838), 10 City road, taxidermist and curiosity dealer, who was followed in the business by his son, also Thomas (1780-1838)