Tickets and Passes of London from the David Young Collection

Date of Auction: 12th June 2018

Sold for £180

Estimate: £70 - £90

Exhibitions and Museums, HYDE PARK, Hyde Park Galleries, 1867, blue card, Admit One to the Galleries, Friday 5th July 1867, notation at side ‘The Review was postponed & did not take place’, 115 x 76mm; MAYFAIR, Albemarle Street, Bean’s Grand Promenade, plated brass, bean’s in centre, grand promenade for the london and parisian fashions around, rev. albemarle street no. 32 passport, edge grained, 31mm, 7.05g (W 1005; D & W 64/156); PICCADILLY, Egyptian Hall, brass (3), 1859, bust of Albert Smith right, revs. albert smith’s egyptian hall piccadilly and date, china below, 22mm, 3.78g (W 1012; W TB 2 2810b); 1860 (2), similar, revs. egyptian hall museum and date, both 22mm, 4.04g, 4.02g (W 1013; W TB 2 2820); Season Ticket, 1874, grey card, Exhibition of Works of Art in Black and White, Dudley Gallery, named (Thomas Wales), 115 x 76mm (Young, Entertainments, p.30, this item illustrated) [6]. Last fine, others very fine and better; second pierced for suspension £70-90


Provenance: First bt T. Millett June 2009; second bt Format September 1991; third and fourth bt J. Whitmore July 2003; fifth bt S.H. Betts December 2002; last bt April 2004.

Charlotte Bean, milliner and dressmaker, 32 Albemarle street, court dressmaker to the Duchess of Kent and Princess Charlotte, whose wedding trousseau she created in 1816. The Egyptian Hall was built in 1812; Albert Smith (1816-60), a former doctor of medicine, traveller and lecturer