Tickets and Passes of London from the David Young Collection

Date of Auction: 12th June 2018

Sold for £100

Estimate: £80 - £100

Gambling, CORNHILL, Pidding’s, 1814, silver, Fortune seated left, pidding’s office cornhill around, rev. bust of Louis XVIII left, louis xviii restored around, edge plain, 21mm, 3.25g (W 1715, and p.230, this piece illustrated; D & W 318/5); Richardson, Goodluck & Co, Halfpence (4), 1795, copper (3), Fortuna standing between two lottery wheels, nothing ventured nothing have, revs. at the offices of richardson goodluck & co no 12807 the last prize of £30,000 shared was sold in sixteenths, edges plain, all 30mm, 11.23g/12h, 10.74g/6h (both W 1716, latter p.230, this piece illustrated; DH Middlesex 467; D & W 319/6), 10.83g/6h (W 1717; DH Middlesex 469); Bluecoat boy standing by lottery wheel, nothing ventured nothing have, cornucopia dividing date below, rev. richardson goodluck & co sold no. 12807 the last prize of £30,000 shared was sold in sixteenths, edge plain, 10.79g/6h (W 1718; DH Middlesex 471; D & W 319/7) [5]. Third and last about extremely fine and better, original colour, others about very fine and better £80-100


Provenance: First and *third gift of A.H.F. Baldwin 1970; second bt S.H. Monks February 2007; fourth bt A. Judd November 2001; last bt J. Whitmore May 2001.

Pidding’s State Lottery Office, 1 Cornhill. Richardson, Goodluck & Co, lottery-office proprietors and later stockbrokers, 104 Bank Building, Cornhill and 8 Charing Cross, proprietors Peter Richardson (1755-1814), William Richard Goodluck (1761-1849), George Arnull and William Lea