Tickets and Passes of London from the David Young Collection

Date of Auction: 12th June 2018

Sold for £40

Estimate: £60 - £80

Gardens, GRAVESEND, Rosherville Botanical Gardens, copper, legend both sides, edge plain, 14.50g (W 1275; Young, Gardens, p.94, this piece illustrated; D & W 95/369); Tulley’s Bazaar, copper, promenade concerts all day, etc, rev. bust of Victoria left, vocal concerts every evening around, 23mm, 3.92g/12h (W TB 2 1680) [2]. Very fine £60-80


Provenance: First W.J. Noble Collection, Part II, Noble Numismatics Pty Auction 61B (Melbourne), 3-4 August 1999, lot 824 [from Spink 1981]; second bt N.P. Tooley February 2004.

Rosherville Botanical Gardens, located in present-day Northfleet, was the brainchild of an Islington businessman, George Jones, who sought to take advantage of Gravesend’s popularity with London day-trippers in the 1830s and 1840s. Its popularity declined with the advent of the railway