A Collection of Indian Medals

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Date of Auction: 18th July 2018

Sold for £800

Estimate: £300 - £400

An Earl of Elgin’s Viceroy Presentation Medal group of three awarded to Colour Sergeant J. S. Salt, Simla Volunteer Rifles

Earl of Elgin’s Viceroy Presentation Medal 1894, the obverse featuring conjoined busts of Lord and Lady Elgin; the reverse featuring Lord Elgin’s coat of Arms, 51mm, silver (Colour Sergeant J. S. Salt, Champion, Simla Volr. Rifles, 1894.) fitted with silver ring suspension; Delhi Durbar 1911, silver (James S. Salt, Delhi, 12-12-1911.); Volunteer Force Long Service Medal, V.R.I. (Ordly. Room Sergt. J. S. Salt. 2d. Pjb. (Simla) Vol. Rifles) mounted as worn from a silver straight bar suspender, good very fine or better (3) £300-400


J. S. Salt was awarded his Volunteer Force Long Service Medal in 1895.

Note: An Imperial Service Order was awarded to a Chief Clerk James Stuart Salt, Office of Director-General of Military Works, Government of India, Simla, at the Delhi Durbar on 12 December 1911, who may be the same man.