Coins of Elizabeth I from the Collection Formed by Walter Wilkinson

Date of Auction: 6th April 2021

Sold for £320

Estimate: £200 - £260

Elizabeth I (1558-1603), First issue, Groats (4), all mm. lis, bust 1F (3), beaded and wire-line inner circles, reads elizbeth d g ang fra z hib regin’, 1.82g/7h (BCW LS-3A:LS-e4); similar, but reads elizabeth and regi, 1.98g/6h (BCW LS-3B:LS-e3); similar, but reads re’; 1.78g/1h (BCW LS-3D:LS-e2); N 1986; S 2551); type 1G, similar, reads elizabeth d g ang fra z hib reg, 1.86g/5h (BCW LS-4C:LS-e4; N 1986; S 2551A) [4]. Last fair to fine and rare, others fine or better £200-£260


Provenance: Second Baldwin Auction, 6 November 2010, lot 139; third J.R. Hulett Collection, Part XV, DNW Auction 169, 12-13 February 2020, lot 73