A Collection of Queen’s and Khedive’s Sudan Medals

Date of Auction: 26th September 2018

Sold for £800

Estimate: £700 - £900

Queen’s Sudan 1896-98 (Mr. S. Hughes. Ludgate Monthly) very fine, rare £700-900


Provenance: Dix Noonan Webb, June 2002.

S. Hughes was employed as a Correspondent by the now-defunct Ludgate Monthly, and was one of only 12 War Correspondents to accompany the forces on the Dongola Expedition in 1896. As well as the Reuters correspondent, the 10 other newspapers to send correspondents were: The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Morning Post, The Daily News, The Standard, The Graphic, The Daily Chronicle, The Illustrated London News, The Black and White, and The New York Herald.

Sold with a copy of the medal roll which is noted ‘Deceased’ by his name.