A Collection of Short Cross and Long Cross Pennies

Date of Auction: 14th November 2018

Sold for £240

Estimate: £300 - £400

Henry III (1216-1272), Short Cross coinage, Pennies (6), class VIc1 (2), London, Walter, walter on lvnd, 1.30g/10h (SCBI Mass 1869-70 var.; N 976/1; S 1355), Canterbury, Henri, henri on cant, 1.27g/2h (SCBI Mass 1788 var.; N 976/1; S 1355); class VIIa3, London, Ilger, ilger on lvn·d, 1.46g/10h (SCBI Mass 1959 var.; N 978; S 1356A); class VIIb1, Canterbury, Tomas, tomas on cant, 1.42g/1h (SCBI Mass 2009; N 979; S 1356B); class VIIb3, London, Ricard, ricard on lvn, 1.33g/12h (SCBI Mass 2042; N 979; S 1356B); class VIIb4, London, Giffrei, giffrei on lvn, 1.42g/9h (SCBI Mass 2028 var.; N 979; S 1356B) [6]. Varied state £300-£400