A Collection of Tokens, the Property of a Gentleman

Date of Auction: 20th February 2019

Sold for £380

Estimate: £300 - £400

18th Century Tokens, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Gloucester, Kempson’s City Pennies, 1797 (9), revs. Cathedral, 17.70g/6h (DH 1), New County Gaol, 16.40g/6h (DH 10), St Bartholomew’s Hospital, 17.54g/6h (DH 11), St John’s Church, 16.64g/6h (DH 7), St Mary de Crypt Church, 16.46g/6h (DH 2), St Mary de Lode Church, no buttresses, 16.56g/6h (DH 3), St Michael’s Church, 17.28g/6h (DH 5), St Nicholas’ Church, 17.24g/6h (DH 6), White Friars, 16.59g/6h (DH 8) [9]. DH 3 very fine, others about extremely fine and better, several bronzed £300-£400


Provenance: DH 10 bt J.N. Holman; others except DH 7 and 11 bt December 1995