A Collection of Medals to the 23rd Foot Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Date of Auction: 27th February 2019

Sold for £3,600

Estimate: £2,600 - £3,000

The Waterloo medal awarded to Lieutenant, later Paymaster, George Dunn, 23rd Foot, who afterwards commanded the ladder party of the 23rd at the storming of Cambray

Waterloo 1815 (Lieut. Geo. Dunn, 23rd. Regiment Foot, R.W.F.) fitted with steel clip and contemporary silver bar suspension, rank engraved, minor edge bruising and contact marks, otherwise very fine and better £2,600-£3,000


George Dunn was born in London on 1 April 1790, and was appointed 2nd Lieutenant in the 23rd Foot, from the 1st Somerset Militia, on 20 April 1813. He joined the 1st Battalion in March 1814 at Castera following the battle of Toulouse. He served in No. 8 Company at Waterloo and commanded the ladder party of the 23rd at the storming and capture of Cambray, 25 June 1815, and was afterwards present at the capture of Paris. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 18 July 1815. Appointed Paymaster of the 23rd Foot on 15 March 1831, he died at the age of sixty-one in 1850, tragically ‘hanging himself while in an unsound state of mind’ in Plymouth on 23rd December. He was at that time the only surviving ‘wartime’ officer still serving in the regiment. Sold with copied research including a photograph of an oil portrait of Dunn wearing his medal.