A Collection of Jetons, the Property of a Gentleman

Date of Auction: 24th April 2019

Sold for £120

Estimate: £80 - £100

England, Sterling Bust Jetons, c. 1280-1345
Edward I, Fox class 7a, rosettes by neck, rev. long cross fleury, stars and crescents in angles, 1.25g/1h (Berry types 1/1 and pl. 1, 3; Mitchiner 90, this coin); class 14, pellet crosses by neck, rev. long cross, flowers in angles, 3.72g/11h [2]. Good fine £80-£100


Provenance: First found in London, and M.B. Mitchiner Collection, Part I, Glendining Auction, 28 November 1990, lot 389