A Collection of Jetons, the Property of a Gentleman

Date of Auction: 24th April 2019

Sold for £80

Estimate: £120 - £150

England, Pictorial Jetons, c. 1295-1330
Edward II, star and crescent, rev. long cross pattée, cross-in-circle and lozenges in angles, 1.86g/12h (Berry types 3/6 var.; Mitchiner 177, this coin); facing head of Medusa, rev. cross moline, saltires in angles, pellets around, no border, 3.78g/1h (Berry types 9/6; Mitchiner –); eagle, rev. long voided cross fleurdelisé, pellet in angles, 1.87g/1h (Berry types 8/5; cf. Mitchiner 217); large lis between two birds, rev. short cross moline, pellet in angles, 0.96g/11h (Berry types 8C/5; Mitchiner 219-21); together with a double-reverse type (Mitchiner 292) [5]. Mostly better than fine, third cleaned but scarce £120-£150


Provenance: M 177 M.B. Mitchiner Collection, Part I, Glendining Auction, 28 November 1990, lot 401 (part)