Books from the Library of Peter Duckers

Date of Auction: 8th May 2019

Sold for £40

Estimate: £20 - £30

The Nagas in the Nineteenth Century, by V. Elwin, Oxford University Press, 1969, 650pp., a rare and detailed survey and history of the N.E. Frontier tribes, hardback, with dust-jacket, the dust-jacket slightly torn, otherwise good condition

Far Frontiers, People and Events in North-Eastern India 1857-1947, by John Whitehead, British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia, London, 1989, 204pp., with photographs, softback, very good condition

On the Frontier and Beyond, by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir F. O’Connor, C.S.I., C.I.E., C.V.O., John Murray, 1st edition, 1931, 355pp., an account of 30 years’ service on the NE Frontier of India, in Tibet and Persia, with photographs and index, hardback, fair condition

The North-East Frontier 1837-1901, by I. Heath, Osprey, Oxford, 1999, 48pp., part of the “Men-at-Arms” series, with photographs and colour illustrations, softback, good condition

A Strange War: Burma, India and Afghanistan, 1914-19, by C. P. Mills, Sutton, 1988, 134pp., one Territorial Soldier’s experiences with the Somerset Light Infantry in India and on the frontiers, with photographs, hardback, with dust-jacket, almost new condition (5)