Tickets and Passes of London from the David Young Collection

Date of Auction: 5th June 2019

Sold for £50

Estimate: £70 - £90

Clubs and Societies, Uncertain locations, [Union Society], copper Twopence, sun shining from clouds above clasped hands, wreath below, rev. 2 pence, established dec 9 1811 around, 25mm, 4.98g (W –; D & W 195/742); Union Society, white metal by T. Halliday, 1821, bust of George IV left, god save the king, rev. union society established may 12 1821, clasped hands, rose ornaments above and below, 41mm, 20.06g (W 2032; D & W 195/743); New Union Society, uniface copper, clasped hands, new union society, 28mm, 7.42g (W 2033; D & W 195/744); Ten Guinea Society, copper, Justice standing, sons of equity, rev. ten guinea society, 26mm, 5.93g (W 2304; D & W 192/722) [4]. About very fine and better, second pierced for suspension £70-£90


Provenance: First bt J.G. Scott October 2015; second bt October 2016; others bt J. Whitmore August 2014