The Collection of Worcestershire Tokens Formed by the Late Michael Paterson

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Date of Auction: 3rd October 2019

Sold for £180

Estimate: £200 - £300

19th Century Tokens, Abberley, Philip Owen, uniface brass, 31mm; Dudley, Charles Stark (W 1582); Hampton [Evesham], W.R. Deakin, brass Threepence, 26mm; Kidderminster, W. Onslow, uniface brass, 25mm, H. Taylor, brass 2 Shillings, 19mm, and tin bracteate Penny, 28mm; Netherton, Samuel Wright (W 3690); Oldbury, Joseph Timmins (W 4110); Pershore, George Eccles, brass Fourpence, 26mm; Redditch, Neasom & White, brass Threepence, 33mm; Stourbridge, James Bedwell (W 4900); Worcester, Joseph Fisher (W 5190), H. Hoddinott, copper One Pound by Ardill, 22mm, and copper bracteate Half-Sovereign, 26mm, Kendall & Son, copper, 28mm, John Morriss (W 5200), George Mountford (W 5210), Roberts & Lewis, brass (2, different dies), both 21mm, Scott & Co (W 5230), Worcester Co-operative Co (W 5240) [21]. Mostly very fine, several very rare, an interesting lot £200-£300