Tickets and Checks from the Collection of Bob Lyall

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Date of Auction: 3rd October 2019

Sold for £140

Estimate: £100 - £200

Lancashire, Blackpool, Albert Hotel, Bowling Green & Gardens, [John] Hodgson, brass Twopence, 27mm (Lyall, TCSB 11, p.422; W 1243); Belle Vue Gardens, uniface nickel Season Passes (2), backs stamped 8 and 178, both 33mm (Lyall, TCSB p.422, former this piece illustrated); Little Wonders, brass Sixpence, 23mm (Lyall, TCSB p.422, this piece illustrated); Winter Gardens, nickel One Shilling and Threepence, stamped 2, brass Sixpence, stamped 2, brass Threepence, stamped 4, copper Twopence, stamped 3, copper Penny, stamped 6, all 32mm (Lyall, TCSB 11, p.423, some of these the pieces described; W 1246) [9]. First two fine, others very fine, an excellent town group, mostly rare £100-£200


Provenance: First bt 1988; second bt 2008; fourth bt 1999; fifth bt 2011; sixth bt 2003; eighth bt 1993; last bt 2011