Tickets and Checks from the Collection of Bob Lyall

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Date of Auction: 3rd October 2019

Sold for £90

Estimate: £90 - £120

Lancashire, Bolton, Bird in Hand, Finley Frazer, copper, 32mm (Stockton, TCSB 5, p.347); Hare & Hounds Concert Room, Robert Allen, brass Twopence, 26mm (Stockton, TCSB 5, p.348; W 640); Mill Stone Concert Room, J. Taylor, brass, 32mm, obv. countermarked fisher (Stockton, TCSB 5, p.348; W 641), James Fisher, brass, 32mm (Stockton, TCSB 5, p.348; W 642); Rifle & Billiard Saloons, John Draper, brass Twopence by Wise, 28mm (Stockton –; Lyall, TCSB 11, p.423); Star Inn Concert Room, Thomas Sharples, brass, 32mm (Stockton, TCSB 5, p.346; W 643; D & W 51/62) [6]. First very fine, second good fine, others fine, some scarce £90-£120


Provenance: First bt 1988; second bt 2006; third bt 2003; fourth and fifth bt 2001; last bt 1987