Tickets and Checks from the Collection of Bob Lyall

Date of Auction: 3rd October 2019

Sold for £45

Estimate: £100 - £150

Lancashire, Liverpool, New Star Music Hall, brass Threepence, 33mm (Lyall, TCSB 11, p.426; W 745); Parthenon Rooms, Threepences (2), in brass and white metal, both 32mm (Lyall, TCSB 11, p.437, recté Liverpool; W 738); Philharmonic Society, uniface brass, 31mm (Lyall, TCSB 11, p.425, this piece illustrated); Alfred Reynolds, Wax Works, uniface brass Sixpence by Park, 37mm (Lyall, TCSB 11, p.426, this piece illustrated; W 998); Royal Colosseum, Joseph Heath, copper (3), 32mm, 26mm (2, one countermarked h on rev.) (Lyall, TCSB 11, p.426; W 733, 735-6; D & W 8/85, 8/86) [8]. First very fine, others fine to very fine, fourth and fifth rare £100-£150


Provenance: First bt 1992; second bt 2005; third bt 2010; fourth bt 1990; fifth C. Brunel Collection, bt 1991; sixth bt 1986; others bt 1988