Tickets and Checks from the Collection of Bob Lyall

Date of Auction: 3rd October 2019

Sold for £30

Estimate: £50 - £70

Cheshire, Birkenhead, Woodside Ferry, 1864, copper, stamped 393, 25 x 21mm (Edge T12); Chester, N.C. Firth, brass, 26mm (Edge W2), Firth’s Patent, uniface brass, 25mm (Edge W3), Summers, brass, 30mm (Edge W7); Crewe, London Midland Railway, Signal & Telegraph Dept, S. Box Gang, uniface hexagonal brass, stamped 723, 34mm (Edge T64), Signal Engineers’ Dept (2), N.W. Sector, uniface rectangular brass, stamped 420, 32mm (Edge T66), Mod., uniface brass, stamped 477, 32mm (Edge T67), Rolls Royce, rectangular aluminium, stamped 206, 29 x 23mm (Edge W11); Delamere, Castle Mill, aluminium Quart and Pint, 26 and 21mm (Edge A13, 14); Northwich, Northwich Victoria Football Club, Runners-Up, 1921, an oval silver fob, named (A.F.A. Lamb), 30 x 22mm; Wallasey, Wallasey Motor Buses, coloured plastic Fourpence, Threepence, Twopence, Threehalfpence, Pennies (3, different) (Edge T111, 112, 114-16); Unlocalised, Lancashire & Cheshire Miners Federation, uniface brass, 32mm (Edge S50) [19]. Many very fine, a few better £50-£70