Coin Weights from two Private Collections

Date of Auction: 9th October 2019

Sold for £40

Estimate: £80 - £100

George III, Escudo, 3.54g (W 1671h); Four Escudos and Half-Moidore, 14.30g, 5.40g (W 1676b, 1676f); Guinea, 8.19g (W 1680d); Half-Moidore, 5.25g (W 1708f); Eight Escudos, by Anderton, Son & Calley, 28.33g (W 1741); Guinea, 8.29g (W 1748d); Half-Moidore, by J. Jackson, 5.42g (W 1755f) [8]. Varied state £80-£100